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Monday, April 12, 2010

Watch Out For These Common Tax Filing Errors!

It's April 12th and many of our clients are starting to have tax-filing nightmares.  To make it easier to get to sleep, keep these tips in mind:

1. Don't forget to use the peel-off label if you are mailing your return.  And, don't forget to include your Social Security Number.
2. Check your figures. Then check them again.  Arithmetic mistakes can lead to problems.
3. Don't forget to sign and date your return.  And, don't forget to include your payment!
4. E-file or Free File.  The software will help you avoid penalties.
5. Be careful if you're claiming the Homebuyer Credit or if you received an Economic Recovery Payment.

For more information, visit the IRS page on common errors and then give Shoffner & Associates a call at 617-369-0111.  We'll help ease your mind.

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